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Widely known as the World’s first online casino software provider back in 1994. This seeming to be a trend they continued by releasing the first mobile casino software in 2004. They continue to launch new Slot & Casino games by the month the likes of Thunderstruck and Immortal Romance already in their portfolio. But let’s not forget about Mega Moolah, the largest progressive jackpot in the world. Breaking records with its huge pay out equivalent to over 17 million euros from a 25p spin! You can find many of the sites and brands that Microgaming provide their games to over at Spinathon.


First started building an online casino system and games in 1999. There games have provided players around the world with hours of endless fun. Known for timeless classics such as Fluffy Favourites, a game released in 2006 that remains one of the most popular slots to date. Their current portfolio boasts over 60 unique and exciting games to play online. If you want something a little more manly than Fluffy Favourites, there’s plenty of other options like Stampede and Irish Luck. Their games receive an estimated 6 billion spins a year, that’s over 190 every second!

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Currently serving over 170 of the worlds top online casino operators, NetEnt have been truly iconic figures in the market for over 20 years now. Their lengthy experience has given them the ability to know what consumers are demanding. You can see this in each one of their games, there’s over 200 of them too, so plenty to play with. Big name titles such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Twin Spin and more. Their reputation in the slots industry remains at an all time high and it will be exciting to see what they release in the future.


Established in 2011, this brand has had success at a rapid rate. The brilliant thing about their games is they all look and feel so good. Wins of Fortune and Big Bad Wolf boasting some epic graphics. But, that’s not all, they’ve also got their own unique and thrilling gameplay features. They’ve adopted a great degree of care for customer user experience. This done by using the same betting and wagering system across all games. So, if you decide to move onto a new slot you can easily navigate their interface.

Elk Studios

If you thought Quickspin had good graphics, you’ll be shocked at how good the visuals from Elk Games are. They have arguably the best aesthetically pleasing games in the industry. It’s clear they take their time to perfect each game, with the addition of interesting and exciting gameplay.

Rewarding bonus features will keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation. You may have played some of their games such as Taco Brothers, Hong Kong Tower and Wild Toro. We hope our top 5 gave you an insight to where you can find the best slots online. You can find more information over at Spinathon. Visit Homepage for more..…

Interesting Things About Gambling

The 455th Air Expeditionary Wing 5/6 club held the first ever Casino Night, which was a way to bring U.S. and coalition forces together for a morale boosting event. The attendees were given play money to play games such as black jack, poker, craps and roulette. The staff and technical sergeants make up the 5/6 club who provide great ways to spread morale. Casino Night was held at the services Pre-Engineered Building, which is where a number of morale functions take place.

For some, it’s just a hobby to pass time and have a little fun with friends and for others, it’s their full-time career. This is where they get their rent and day to day expenditure. Some say that it’s an art, others say it’s a skill that you learn while there are those who believe its all about being lucky. Well, its all up to you.

For the newbies, Gambling is the betting of money or something of value in anticipation of winning more and also risking to lose it all. Gambling is neither a method of insurance because the risk can’t be eliminated, neither can it be termed as a method of investment because you can lose it all at once nor a risk-taking in terms of speculation.

Gambling has evolved over a period of time, its traces can be found in China where tiles dating as far back as 2300 BC also from 1500BC where ivory dices were found in Egypt. Though it wasn’t as rampant as it is today. We have moved from carving the stones to make games to board and table games to the now highly technological era where gambling has now become online.

[Interesting Facts about Capoeira]

It has reached a convenience point where now you can actually gamble from the comfort of your bed, let alone your home. More so for those who don’t live near casinos. With options of placing a bet in sports such as football, which is now growing fast. hockey, basketball, horse racing, tennis, rugby, American football, you name it you’ll find it in the betting sites. you can also bet on players who are actually gambling in a live competition.

One of such websites is the a UK based website that is solely designed and dedicated to gambling, they offer all types of gambling from online poker, lottery, keno, scratch cards, online bingo, live casino, online blackjack, online roulette slots and much much more. They accept a vast number of payment methods from such as skrill, visa, MasterCard, PayPal and more.

I know you are wondering how you will be able to play all these games and you’ll only load the cash in one tab. Well, the money is transferable from one tab to another at no fee, just exit the game and join another one that you feel you have more luck in it. What makes online gambling more lucrative apart from the wide selection of games to chose from is the huge bonuses that the sites offer, mostly for new users. The bonuses run up to the hundreds of dollars and you can even get a free spin for a prize win. This is usually a good thing for earning that extra cash.

How secure is it? Hmmm!!! Being assured of security for your money is very important otherwise you wouldn’t want to worry about losing your money in a bet then losing it in transactions. The sites are heavily encrypted so as to assure that your money is secured and out of reach from hackers. They also ensure fast and accurate payouts.

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Interesting Facts about Capoeira


Half dance and half martial arts this Brazilian dance martial art has a rich and colorful history behind it. It would be good to immerse yourself in said history whether or not you plan on taking up the craft.


• It was developed by African Slaves in Brazil.
• The slaves were actually prohibited from taking up arms
• It came about from a need for slaves to defend themselves.
• It’s pronounced “Cap-wearer” not “Cap-o-era”
• It is plaid in pairs
• It is always accompanied by music
• Players must circle around each other in a ring called the “roda”
• Only a players hands and feet may touch the floor
• The most basic move is called a “Ginga” which means sway and it’s a dodging move
• A master of Capoeira is called a “mestre”

And those were our 10 facts about Capoeira that anyone should one! We hope this list built up an appreciation for this unique and rich form of dancing and martial arts. Hopefully, it inspired you to learn more about the sport that you try it out for yourself!

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Lately, it has been proven that in as much as hair styles trends among women is becoming familiar, it as well becoming adopted by men. This is indeed so interesting and great seeing that the barrier amid male and females is becoming less visible furthermore transforming into clear one. With regards to medium length hairstyles we meet long bob or short haircuts which turn out to be more in vogue step by step. Numerous men with long hair need to invigorate their hairstyles and go for layered hair styles.

This in vogue haircut is lovely as well as gives us a wide hair styling opportunities. In this article you will see medium length bob haircuts 2016 and the ways they are styled with. In the event that you have long curly or bob haircut or you are considering wearing it continue perusing to know the most ideal methods for styling it.

Bob length hair for the most part falls underneath the scruff and is above shoulders. At times you may see a touch longer sway which is the well-known as the best haircuts for men. These hairstyles are exceptionally refined and joining them with in vogue hair hues and blasts you’ll get the so needed varying look.

In the event that you cherish pesters you can wear them with your layered hair style. As per your face outline you can pick any blasts that run with it like strong thick straight look, side cleared blasts or more slender slashed blasts. They tend to make your hairstyle more lovely and may bring more energetic appearance. Before brandishing blasts examine it with your beautician too.

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If you have medium length hair then you will have are more better look. We advise you to get straight hairs for your medium length hairs. Medium length hairstyles for 2016 for your straight hairs will not only give you better look but also a cutting edge from your age fellows. Such type of hairstyles is suitable for those persons who are more than forty years of age. Medium length hairstyles 2016 for straight hair are easy to style and design as it needs only straightness and this straightness is possible by a good moisture and then dryer. Visit Homepage for more like this..…

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