Half dance and half martial arts this Brazilian dance martial art has a rich and colorful history behind it. It would be good to immerse yourself in said history whether or not you plan on taking up the craft.


• It was developed by African Slaves in Brazil.
• The slaves were actually prohibited from taking up arms
• It came about from a need for slaves to defend themselves.
• It’s pronounced “Cap-wearer” not “Cap-o-era”
• It is plaid in pairs
• It is always accompanied by music
• Players must circle around each other in a ring called the “roda”
• Only a players hands and feet may touch the floor
• The most basic move is called a “Ginga” which means sway and it’s a dodging move
• A master of Capoeira is called a “mestre”

And those were our 10 facts about Capoeira that anyone should one! We hope this list built up an appreciation for this unique and rich form of dancing and martial arts. Hopefully, it inspired you to learn more about the sport that you try it out for yourself!

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